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Letters to the editor Sept. 22

Keep education decisions at the state level

Yes, we should eliminate the Department of Education.

I don’t want bureaucrats in Washington deciding their view of history, what books should be used in the classroom, and the fate of the Pledge of Allegiance for my children and grandchildren. That should be decided on a local basis.

This is how things started in Germany – the brainwashing of the youth.

G.D. Nielsen

Carson City

Islamic center has every right to location

In the article,”9 years gone, everyone’s a ground zero stakeholder,” Samantha Gross writes about ground zero and different disputes regarding the surrounding buildings of the new memorial being built; some that are already standing and others that are planning to be constructed.

There is a public opposition that has risen from the people of lower Manhattan about ground zero not being sacred anymore.This is due to neighboring buildings. Those buildings and advertisements include a gentlemen’s club, Century 21 and a Burger King. All of these buildings were there before the towers went down; why should that have to change?

I personally believe it is as sacred as one makes it. The debates are petty. All of the surrounding businesses have every right to be there, including the soon-to-be-built Islamic culture center and mosque. Frankly, anyone having a problem with the culture center and mosque being built two whole blocks away is prejudiced.

Just because our attackers were of Islamic faith means nothing. We all understand what ground zero means to the people who lost loved ones. One person who was interviewed in the article was Sally Regenhard. She called ground zero a burial ground. Others agree saying it is the only type of gravesite they have.

By all means, mourn for your lost loved ones, but please do not begin to dictate. Instead, be grateful for the future memorial.

Annette Williams

Carson City

Reid tarring successful rehab program in ads

In Harry Reid’s commercial attacking Sharron Angle, he accuses her of promoting a Scientology massage program for criminals. He is obviously talking about the Narconon program, which is a rehabilitation program for people with drug and alcohol problems.

However, calling it a Scientology massage program is extremely misleading. First of all, there are no massages at Narconon. What he is probably referring to is something called a nerve assist, which is given on a massage table. Its purpose is to release the standing waves in the nerve channels, improving communication with the body, which brings relief from drug and alcohol withdrawals. It is used in the initial detox part of the program to help a person get through painful withdrawals without the use of other drugs. A person in prison would most likely not even need this procedure.

Second, implying that the Narconon program is Scientology is simply not true. It was founded by a man named William Benitez who read one of L. Ron Hubbard’s books and got an idea to start his own drug and alcohol rehabilitation program from prison, which later became Narconon and now has more than 100 centers worldwide.

Benitez was not a Scientologist. Narconon is not a front for Scientology, nor is there any religion in the program.

Reid can say whatever he wants about Angle, but he needs to stop bashing a nonprofit rehabilitation program with a 70-80 percent success rate at getting people off drugs and alcohol permanently.

Stephanie Streenan

Carson City

Neighbors’ complaints about wind turbines ignored

Well, well, another letter about a wind turbine owner saying how great it is but not one interview with neighbors. The Appeal did a similar interview with no input from neighbors but later, due to complaints, an article was written regarding neighborhood complaints.

It was stated this wind turbine only made a whoop whoop sound. If you are a neighbor – I live a block away from one – it is a very annoying noise, so a backyard cannot be enjoyed, (and you cannot) sleep with a window open. Please do an article with all neighbors’ input.

Eugene Harris

Carson City