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Letters to the editor Sept. 24

We need new blood, not same old Reid

I have lived in the area my whole life, and have always voted conservative. I volunteer at the local Republican headquarters as much as I can.

This election will be the most important election in my 30 years of living because of one race. Harry Reid has been in office since 1986. In 2006, he became the Senate majority leader becoming the most powerful man in Nevada, but what has he actually done for us?

Unemployment is at 14.2 percent, the highest in the union. What can be done to get us out of this huge hole? For one, let’s stop blaming Bush for everything, since he was only partly to blame. Remember that both the Senate and the House were Democratically held in majority.

Second, let’s work on creating jobs and not just save them. To me, we need to keep taxes low. Taxes mean less jobs. As a business owner, I am less inclined to hire employees if I am paying high taxes. If I make more money with my business, then I hire more employees to make more money.

Why does Reid side with the president on these issues? Maybe I just don’t get it, but we need new blood in the Senate, not blood that has been in there since the ’80s.

Robert Schultz


Judge candidates on character, not party

I continue to nurse the hope that perhaps someday, the voting masses shall judge politicians on merit rather than party affiliation, but letters to the editor continually destroy the notion.

Realistically, one could throw a blanket over the entire assemblage under the dome on Capitol Hill since there isn’t one nickel’s worth of difference when separated from their public pronouncements.

The latest letter from Debbie Korb strikes another long discredited notion that the GOP supports the rich. I wonder if she knows which party in the U.S. Senate has the most millionaires. It isn’t the GOP.

Add to that the finding of the last statistical breakdown from the 2008 election, that the GOP received only 18 percent of the big business campaign contributions.

Clearly, she misreads what Sen. Reid is doing to us, rather than for us. And remember also, that he went east as a person of only modest means. He is now a multimillionaire, and the job doesn’t pay that well.

Try vetting all candidates thoroughly, forgetting party affiliation.

Vernon Latshaw

Carson City

Did mansion really need new driveway?

Driving down Mountain street, I couldn’t help but notice the construction going on at the Governor’s Mansion. I just want to know why the Governor’s Mansion needs a new driveway, considering it isn’t even driven on. The cost of that could easily be someone’s job. Who approves this?

Nigel Harrison

Carson City