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Letters to the editor Sept. 29

It’s common courtesy:

Pick up after yourself

If you take the time to put your garage sales signs out, please take the time to take them down. Thank you.

Maria Moates

Carson City

Reid’s dealings undermines any good from act

Way to go Senator Reid. Attaching the DREAM Act to the Defense Authorization Bill – what a stroke of genius! What a great way to assure the American people, and the voters of Nevada, that you are part of the most ethical and transparent Congress in history. Everything open and above board; no pandering to special interests; everything out in the open. And to prove it, you attach an amendment, allowing the children of illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens, to the Defense Authorization Bill. Really?

Granting amnesty to some two million children of illegal immigrants for simply attending college for two years – great idea.

Attaching the DREAM Act to the Defense Authorization Bill so that it would be difficult for any member of Congress to oppose it – crafty.

Thinking that the next step will be to grant amnesty to the families of all those children, and that no one will notice because we are all idiots – priceless.

Do you not understand that any possible merits of the DREAM Act are overshadowed by the shady, back-door process of attaching it to a totally unrelated bill? That is anathema to what the electorate has repeatedly said they want – fair and open debate on specific issues.

It is so very reassuring to know that we have the most ethical and transparent Congress in history; free of back-room deals, lobbyists and pandering to special interests. What a joke.

Gary Griffith


Act of kindness reminds

us life is good

With so much bad news in the air these days, I’d like to share some good news.

On Sept. 16, I had reason to visit Carson City. I spent two hours in beautiful Mills Park with my dog while waiting for my son to return from an appointment. When he arrived, I was preoccupied with the leash, the dog, and getting in the car. As we drove into Reno, I realized that I had left my purse at the picnic table in Mills Park.

We rushed back to Carson and the Park, but the purse was gone. We walked around and asked folks if they’d seen the purse; they were sympathetic, but no one had.

We returned to Reno with heavy hearts. At home I was planning to cancel my credit card, debit card, etc., when I noticed the new message on my answering machine. It was from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office saying someone had turned in my purse and that everything seemed to be intact.

I picked up my purse the next day and everything was there. The person who turned in my purse did not leave his/her name. Thank you to that wonderful person. Thank you to the people in the sheriff’s office.

This experience reminds me that life is good and that the goodness works through us by the way we treat each other. It’s also a reminder to me to be more mindful about my things.

Patricia R. Coia


Liberals in Congress pushed nation over edge

Obama’s rant that Bush is responsible for our economic collapse lacks facts. Democrats controlled Congress during the last two years of Bush’s presidency, thus his ability to control spending was limited.

When Obama became president, the Reid-Pelosi Congress had been in full force for two years. Bush tried to tighten regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the agencies that controlled 80 percent of the housing market. But Barney Frank and his liberal Democrat sycophants squawked and hollered, claiming that there was no problem with those agencies. In fact, they had to loosen up their requirements so that everyone could own a home.

The liberals controlled. The needed regulations failed. Consequently, almost everyone bought a home and most of those same everyones have since lost them and their jobs.

Now, these same liberal-progressives are threatening that a vote for a Republican is a vote to return to the Bush years. Hmmm. During that time, people had homes and jobs to pay the mortgage. Taxes were the lowest they’ve ever been. Businesses were prospering, unemployment was 4-5 percent, and the deficit was 1/6 of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi spending debacle.

Think back to your lifestyle during the Bush years until 2006 when the Democrats grabbed congressional control. Then decide if you want to vote for a conservative or a liberal.

Harry Reid is the most dangerous liberal of all time. A vote for a Democrat or a third party is a vote for Harry Reid and a continuing economic decline.

Nannette Moffett

Carson City