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Letters to the editor Sept. 4

Adopt-a-highway doesn’t need brothel as patron

I find it pathetic that the Nevada Department of Transportation would accept money from the BunnyRanch Brothel and let them put up a sign on Highway 50 in Mound House. That is unacceptable.

Chuck L. Sheldon


Islamic center isn’t the threat; divisiveness is

This idiocy over an Islamic community center in a blighted neighborhood near ground zero is a blatant distraction from the real problems we are all facing and a way to divide us prior to the election so that real solutions are impossible to discuss.

Opponents of the center, who don’t seem to mind strip clubs and porn shops in this same hallowed area, spout statements like “The understanding is that America will have submitted to Islam if the mosque (sic) is built.” – Charles Knapp, letters Aug. 28. Wow. Whose understanding? Not mine, so don’t attempt to speak for me.

Mr. Knapp doesn’t have much faith in Americans or the Constitution if he thinks that one small building can take down our country. He truly must loathe the freedoms my parents, brother, nephews, have fought to defend over the generations. I am offended by his tirade against both Christian and American values, and not a little upset by his apparent support of Timothy McVeigh.

When will this divisive hatred stop? We are continually offered scapegoats which allow us to avoid looking into the mirror for any responsibility for what our country has become – much easier to look into the TV and blame others. It takes courage to reject all this divisive crap and instead work with each other to make our communities a better place for all. If we don’t start working together, we really will have submitted to something evil – and it ain’t Islam.

Leigh McGuire


Sleazy campaign tactics show Harry’s true colors

I am so sick of Harry Reid and the sleazy campaign he is running. He is using only excerpts from Sharron Angle’s campaign.

He is showing his true colors – sleazy, the same as his action in the Senate with his leftist associates in the Senate. He is just a yes man.

The sad thing also about Reid’s campaign in Nevada is the fact that the local papers and the local media support Sen. Reid for re-election. Do you think the public is stupid, and doesn’t see through the flack that Harry Reid is bombarding the public with, supported by our local media?

Hopefully, goodbye to Harry Reid in the upcoming election, even with your support. Also, we don’t need another Reid.

Melvin Moore


Read Angle’s full statements, then decide

Harry Reid recently stated he could not understand how any Hispanic could be a Republican. Can you not come up with anything better, Harry?

In 1993, Reid introduced legislation that would have ended birth-right citizenship. Now he states he would never vote to end birth-right citizenship. (It’s) a change of heart or he needs the Hispanic vote.

Hmmm, don’t think it has anything to do with his heart. More deceitful tactics are now in play – political anti-Angle ads depicting her agenda as radical and destructive.

His campaign staff has cleverly edited her statements, and Reid has verbally approved same.

I have personally read her printed statements, and folks, I can tell you Sharron Angle is being taken for a dirty political ride.

Americans do not need any more of Reid’s shove-it-down-your-throats legislation. Harry needs to retire – November 2010 is the perfect date.

Melanie McBroom