Library gets state funds |

Library gets state funds

Amanda Hammon

The Carson City Library will get $62,000 worth of new books over the next two years, thanks to funding from state legislators.

The 2001 Nevada Legislature pledged $1.2 million to state libraries over the next two years.

“Every public library in the state needs more money for books and materials,” said Carson City Library Director Sally Edwards. “It’s a pretty universal need.”

In Nevada’s library food chain, smaller libraries borrow materials from larger libraries as needed – a rare program in the country. So money for one library ultimately benefits every library user in the state, Edwards noted.

“We all share,” she said. “Libraries are about learning and knowledge and improving the quality of life of people.”

With a budget around $150,000 a year, the state’s contribution of $31,000 a year is significant to the capital’s library, Edwards said.

The money will be used to update the library’s nonfiction collection of books, videos and audio tapes from biographies to travel books for all sections of the library.

Over the past five years, the Legislature has devoted around $4.6 million to ensuring libraries can purchase extra materials.

Money around the state has been used to put Hooked on Phonics programs in Clark County libraries to increasing children’s books in Humboldt County.