Life normal so far for Burners |

Life normal so far for Burners

Sam Bauman
Special to the Nevada Appeal

BLACK ROCK CITY – Temperatures soared to 99 degrees here Friday afternoon, but didn’t bother the more than 44,645 (as of Friday morning) celebrants at the annual Burning Man event. They roamed the playa inspecting works of art, rode bicycles around the five square miles of this city, which emerges like a mushroom every year.

Last year’s critic who tried to set the Man afire in midweek is now in jail. But there was plenty going on in the Central Cafe, where coffee and tea are sold. Dancers and jugglers packed the dance floor and crowds enjoyed many free shows.

The celebration climaxes Saturday night when the wooden effigy, Burning Man, goes up after a shower of fireworks with the thousands of Burners in a circle watching.

Saturday is a busy day at Burning Man as parades such as that of the Thousand Virgins takes place. On Sunday most Burners pull out and Sunday night the playa goes up in smoke.

No information about accidents or heat problems were available a press time.