Lifecycle studio opens in Carson City |

Lifecycle studio opens in Carson City

Reflected in a mirror, instructor Zandy Leonard leads a work out at Lifecycle on Monday.
Jim Grant | Nevada Appeal

For Jill Larson and her husband Lief, bringing fitness and wellness to Carson City is their passion, and they’re continuing their commitment to a healthy community with the opening of the city’s first spin cycle studio.

The husband and wife duo own Carson City Crossfit, and opened their new facility Lifecycle on Friday right next door.

“Fitness is our lives and if it is something you want to do, then we support you,” Larson said. “Start where you are and see where it carries you.”

Larson said the two had been thinking of opening the studio for the last three years and revisited the idea in February and decided now was the time to open the studio.

“We were just like ‘we are doing it,’” Larson said. “We are excited to serve and bring wellness to the community.”

The studio offers classes Monday through Saturday in the morning, at lunchtime and at night. Rides run from 35 to 60 minutes and participants have to pre-register for what classes they want to take. The cycling program features high-intensity cardio and strength training to create what they call a powerful mind-body experience.

They will also have a variety of special rides such as a Moms and Mimosas, weekly Wine Down Wednesday rides and DJ rides once a month.

“We want it to be so that when you walk into our studio, it is the best hour of your day,” Larson said. “Our goal is to change the lives of whoever walks into our doors. It is all about community for us.”

Each bike comes with a Performance IQ screen to calculate how fast the bike is going, heart rate, number of miles, gears and output. Rider’s data is tracked on a performance screen on the bike as well as on a projection screen with the rest of the class and later emailed to them.

“You will have all of your trackable data,” Larson said.

Cycling isn’t for just the mega-fit either, Larson said it’s important to them for people at all fitness levels to come join in.

“I want people to come, no matter where you are at (with your fitness level),” Larson said. “It is about you being comfortable with your ride; it is your ride so you do whatever you can do on that bike.”

“The first 20 minutes are so hard, you think to yourself am I going to make it? But then it is amazing. I still feel that way every time I get on the bike even.”

She said the purpose of the studio is to have a community come together for the goal of getting up and moving and working out.

“Our motto is together we ride, so here it is a community,” Larson said. “But we want you to be inspired when you get in here, come work out and have a party with us.”

The blacked out studio, with its dozens of colored lights hanging from the ceiling makes Lifecycle feel more like a dance club than a gym.

“We want riders to be in the environment and be inspired that is what I want people to know,” Larson said.

And the community is just as excited as she is.

“The reception has been awesome, our first ride is already completely booked and people are already booking bikes for the next few weeks,” Larson said.

For Larson, the most difficult part about creating the studio was bringing to life what she envisioned in her head.

“I have the vision in my mind and I want that to translate to our riders on the bike,” Larson said. “And those small details with the studio are so important to me.”

But, that didn’t stop the excitement for their grand opening party for Lifecycle Friday. Dozens of people showed up to support the Larsons, enjoy the company of others in the fitness community and complete the first workout in the new place.

While only 15 people were able to ride Friday night, the rest of the guests watched and cheered on the riders, furthering the emphasis on community the Larsons worked so hard to build.

Membership prices vary, but the studio is giving away one free ride to the first 300 people to book online using the code CYCLYF403, valid until June 1.

For more information or to book a class, visit