Liquor license suspended after store sells to minors |

Liquor license suspended after store sells to minors


A local liquor store had its liquor license suspended for 11 days after it sold alcohol to minors three times in a six-month period.J M Discount Liquor sold alcohol to a minor during three compliance checks run by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office between August 2012 and Feb. 2, 2013.The 11-day suspension is similar to prior punishments.“It’s consistent with what’s been in done in the past” with similar violations, said Planning Director Lee Plemel. “I’m just trying to be consistent with that.”As the Board of Supervisors-appointed hearings officer for liquor board violations, Plemel held a hearing on Feb. 20. During that hearing, he suspended the license for 11 days and levied the maximum fine — $1,000. For the first and second offenses, the fines were $100 and $500, respectively.The liquor store has 15 days from the day of the decision to appeal to the Board of Supervisors. Plemel has only seen one other instance of a business serving alcohol to minors on three occasions in a six-month period during a compliance check in his three years in that position.At the public meeting, the J M Discount Liquor showed evidence its servers had just recently completed server training, after the third incident.J M Discount Liquors declined to comment.