Live coverage: Kenny Guinn 1936-2010 |

Live coverage: Kenny Guinn 1936-2010

Nevada Appeal Staff Report
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Former Governor Kenny Guinn died today after a fall from the roof of his Las Vegas home.

Senate Minority Leader and longtime personal friend Bill Raggio said he confirmed Guinn’s death with the family.

“I’m personally devastated,” said Raggio. “I thought so much of him and worked with him very closely, probably closer than with any other governor.”

It was unclear what Guinn, 73, was doing on the roof. He reportedly suffered a heart attack but it wasn’t clear whether the attack caused the fall or the other way around.

Guinn served two terms as governor, leaving office in January 2007. But with his long and prominent history, he has been described by more than one observer as the most highly qualified governor the state has ever had.

-Nevada Appeal Capital Bureau