Live streaming video planned for Nevada Day Parade |

Live streaming video planned for Nevada Day Parade

A local Carson City video production company is raising money to broadcast the Nevada Day Parade on the internet via live streaming.

“Last year we did it with a couple of guys with cameras standing on the side of the road with pieced together, borrowed equipment, and it was OK,” said owner of We Shoot Video, Keith Barnett.

“But this year we want to scale it up and do it right, and to do this, we have set up a project on Kickstarter

.com to raise money for the equipment we need,” he said.

This equipment is specific to the broadcast and not what Barnett normally uses for his video production company. The equipment needed will cost at least $3500. He also is looking for volunteers.

You can watch the 81⁄2 minute synopsis of last year’s parade on YouTube at

The broadcast will be on and websites.

For more information, call Barnett at 297-4125 or email