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Local boy gets special souvenir at Globetrotter game

Jill Keller, Appeal Staff Writer

Daniel Lundy-Bryan was looking for an autograph on his hand when he approached Harlem Globetrotter Keiron “Sweet Pea” Shine at the game in Reno last week.

When Shine saw the boy had nothing for the player to sign, he bent down and took off his own basketball shoe, signed it and handed it over to Daniel.

The gift surprised Daniel and his mother, Eloise Bryan, and brother Mario Lundy-Bryan. It was Daniel’s second trip to a basketball game, he said. The family was able to go to Reno game last week with the rest of the group of Washoe Tribal Colony children and escorts.

“I think it’s kind of cool,” said the 11-year-old boy who proudly shared the shoe with his classmates and principal at Fremont Elementary School. Some of his classmates thought it was pretty cool, too.

Eloise Bryan said she was worried to let her son walk onto the court to get the signatures. He had recently had foot surgery and his mother was afraid he would be stepped on. She was surprised by the gift from the player.

“We were so happy,” Eloise Bryan said. “(Daniel) goes, ‘I am so special, I got a shoe!'”

The proud parent said she is planning to get a glass case to keep the shoe.

Daniel and his seven brothers and sisters have had a good couple of years. His sister, Dawneva Lundy-Bryan, was named Little Miss Washoe in 1998.

Eloise Bryan beads crafts to sell from her home off Curry Street.