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Local contractors: Nugget Project could be boon to economy


While a Sacramento-based developer and St. Louis-based master contractor were recently selected to oversee the Carson Nugget project, at least one local contractor already has a commitment to work it.

Mark Beauchamp, co-owner of Shaheen Beauchamp Builders, said his company will partner with P3 Development as a local contractor to provide knowledge of Carson City.

P3 Development chose McCarthy Building Companies out of St. Louis as its master contractor.

“This project would be a boon for Carson,” Beauchamp said. “They’re talking about an $80 million to $100 million contract. No matter how big a piece of pie, it would be very helpful to us in this economy.”

Other contractors and developers in the region said they were approached by the project’s organizers, but decided against submitting proposals.

Tim Kretzschmar, senior vice president of the building division for Q&D Construction in Reno, said the company was not in a position to submit a proposal.

“We did indicate a desire to partner with whichever developer was selected, and we are disappointed P3 didn’t consider partnering with a local general contractor, which would have been in the best interest of turning around the local economy,” Kretzschmar said.

Bill Miles, owner of Miles Construction based in Mound House, said because of the cost and nature of a private-public partnership, his company was not in a position to take the helm of the project. He added he would like his company to work as a contractor on the project if the opportunity comes.

“Even if (Miles Construction doesn’t) build it, I think it would be a very positive thing for Carson City as long as it would not be detrimental to the taxpayers of Carson City,” Miles said. “I see it as a very positive thing.”

The eight-member selection committee that chose P3 Development was organized by Steve Neighbors, the sole trustee of the Mae Adams Trust who manages the Carson Nugget.

Besides Neighbors, other committee members included former Reno redevelopment director and Carson Nugget consultant Mark Lewis, Carson Nugget General Manager Star Anderson, Carson City Library Director Sara Jones, City Manager Larry Werner, Public Works Director Andrew R. Burnham, Carson City attorney Andrew MacKenzie, and David Morandi, a special counsel from the Carson City District Attorney’s office.

They unanimously chose P3 Development over Gerding Edlen Development Company, LLC of Portland, Ore.

Werner said he was impressed by P3 Develop-

ment’s experience with public-private partnerships.

“I think if we don’t do something, the town isn’t going to get any better from a financial standpoint,” Werner said.