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Local host family sought for Korean exchange student

Dan Mooney
Special to the Nevada Appeal

Last fall I became interested in an international student exchange program and decided to accept a high school student for the coming academic year. I submitted an application, and, after passing the FBI background check, was accepted into the program and began reviewing possible students. I had almost settled upon one when the intended accommodations for the student became unavailable and I was forced to withdraw my application.

The Program of Academic Exchange (PAX) based in New York City, is a nonprofit educational organization that, for the past 20 years, has promoted and arranged student exchanges to foster and support international peace, friendship and cross-cultural understanding.

Because it is committed to a quality program that is small and personal, the organization works with one student at a time to be placed with a family by a local representative.

Recently, Leah Madison, who represents Northern Nevada, called to ask for my help to find a family for a wonderful 16-year-old girl from South Korea.

Sung Eun is outgoing, very organized, a hard worker and has had seven years of English. Her interests include swimming, hiking, drawing and painting, and she would like to take art and drama while in America.

With a warm spirit and gregarious personality, Sung Eun is sure to have a successful year here in America if a host family can be found. Yet sadly, Leah has been unable to find a family for Sung Eun.

Should you be interested, I am convinced that your experience with such a wonderful young lady for this coming school year will be rewarded with many genuine returns over the years to come.

For further details, please call Leah Madison at 775-315-7958.