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Local races could help pull in voters

Kelli Dufresne

Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover hopes the race for Carson City Sheriff and the races in Assembly Districts 38 and 40 help bring voters to the polls for the Sept. 3 Primary Election.

“The Democrats only have a Democratic race for governor and the nonpartisan race for sheriff on their ballot,” Glover said. “The Republicans have a primary in 38 and 40. Maybe that will generate some interest in them. The sheriff’s race generally receives a higher rate of turn out.”

As of Thursday, according to the Carson City Elections office, there are 21,630 active voters in Carson City up just 2 percent from the 21,209 active voters in the 2000 primary. In 2000, 9,298 voters D43.8 percent — came to the polls.

Glover said he expects about 30 percent of the registered voters to vote next month.

“I hope I’m wrong,” he said. “I hope we have at least 40 percent.”

In 1998, 30 percent D 8,593 — of Carson City’s 28,243 registered voters cast a ballot. However, Glover said the percentages are skewed here because the number of registered voters included several thousand inactive voters who did not vote in the previous general election.

Glover said he expects a better percentage of voters to come to the polls for November’s General Election, but doesn’t think the

numbers will compare to the number of voters who turned out for the 2000 presidential race.

“A lot of people voted in that particular presidential race,” he said. “I think it will be lower, but I hope not a lot.”