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Looking to make TV guide proper

Nevada Appeal staff report

In this day, it’s difficult making the case for publishing a television listing in the newspaper with a channel guide feature through every cable and satellite provider along with the move to on demand and streaming services.

However, last Sunday the Nevada Appeal and The Record-Courier expanded the listings to offer it to all Sunday readers.

Previously for the past five years the Nevada Appeal and The Record-Courier have been delivering TV listings only to those folks who’ve said they want them.

It was a complicated and costly process. Now the listings come off the press with the classifieds. To make it efficient, the process involved some changes to the way the listings were provided.

But the response to the change wasn’t positive. And we listened. So, we’re going to make some modifications to address your concerns.

The listings will remain after the classified section. And the text size — which never changed, by the way — will remain.

However, we brought back the listings of the paid channels and the weekly TV sports listings.

All told, we are hopeful adding the listings will make for a more complete product. The listings may undergo future modifications so we can continue delivery of the product.