LOVE STORY: Casual date led to everlasting love |

LOVE STORY: Casual date led to everlasting love

My love story began with a casual blind date in my college days at UNR. My buddy wanted to date a girl who wasn’t yet quite comfortable with him, so she asked if they could double-date with her sorority sister – maybe he had a friend who would like to join them? I agreed to the arrangement with no misgivings or expectations.

My life began to change immediately upon seeing my date descend the stairs at the Gamma Phi house that night in December 1972 – all for the better. 

Our date initially was to attend a holiday party at someone’s house but since we never found the correct address, the four of us decided to go to a cozy and intimate lounge at the Peppermill restaurant. My date, Candy, and I talked for hours and realized so many interests that we had in common, including coincidentally that we were born only hours apart.

This girl was beautiful and indeed special – my heart started to beat differently. Over the ensuing days we enjoyed several phone calls and more dates.

Exactly 364 days later we were married in Reno – even though my marriage proposal technique is still a topic of great debate.

Three children and five grandchildren later, she still is the best end to my day – and my best golf buddy. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!

Neil Duncan

Carson City