LOVE STORY: It’s a crazy family situation, but it works |

LOVE STORY: It’s a crazy family situation, but it works

My husband, Bob, and I met at our children’s engagement party. Sounds a little strange, but that’s what happened.

My son, David, became engaged to Sheri, Bob’s daughter. The engagement party was in May 1985. Their wedding was planned for October.

In addition to Bob and me, the engagement party consisted of David and Sheri, my ex-husband Lynn and his wife Verna, Bob’s ex-wife Pat and her husband. Bob was seated at one end of the table and I at the other end.

I had been a widow for five years and was engaged to be married at the time, but I was feeling some doubts about the marriage. Bells were not ringing in my head as they should have been. Bob was going through a divorce.

After the party, we all walked out to our cars, and I asked if anyone cared to go for an after-dinner drink. The only one who spoke up was Bob, saying he would like to do that. So, he and I went to another restaurant along the San Francisco Bay and had a drink. We had a long conversation and discussed our personal situations. After all, our children were getting married, and we would be seeing each other from time to time.

We danced and talked for quite some time. We were very comfortable with each other. He asked if we could get together the following Tuesday evening for dinner. I said yes, knowing I had to make an immediate decision on my engagement plans which were already in trouble.

We had dinner the following Tuesday night and from that time on, Bob came over every evening except for one – he had a pre-planned sports event to go to and I had to meet with Lee and explain my change of heart, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

After that, we were together almost every evening and weekends. Within a short period, we knew we were in love. I was hearing bells. Our other children were concerned that we would get married before Dave and Sheri, which would complicate things, making them step-brother and step-sister before their wedding. After our marriage the following February, Sheri became my step-daughter/daughter-in-law and David was Bob’s step-son/son-in-law. It became a comical situation.

The hilarious conversations our family has had on these situations have been priceless. On Feb. 8, we had been married for 24 years. We have wonderful kids and nine grandchildren, and look forward to many more years of happiness.

Bob and Patricia Browne