LOVE STORY: She lost the love of her life a year ago today |

LOVE STORY: She lost the love of her life a year ago today

Let me tell you about Charlie.

Charlie was the love of my life. We weren’t your ordinary couple either, but he was my meaning for living. He shared my home, gave me unconditional love, never abandoned me, was companionable, listened to my every word and sometimes gave me an opinion. He never squabbled with me and never left the toilet seat up.

I was the bread winner in the family and I felt it a privilege to take care of him, as he took care of me and protected me in his own way. Charlie had no income, so he could not get medical insurance. But, all the devotion we shared more than made up for the monetary costs I endured.

Charlie was good-looking, and I was envied by many who were fortunate to have met him. Maybe if I describe Charlie, you’ll get a feeling for him and understand why I loved him so much.

He had a full head of hair, was 14 inches tall, weighed 22 pounds and was the most handsome of all Schnauzer canines ever born.

He was the love of my life.

Charlie went to dog heaven on Feb. 14, 2009.

Carol “Rusty” Deal

Carson City