LOVE STORY: She made the first move, and nabbed her man |

LOVE STORY: She made the first move, and nabbed her man

Nate and Tonya Champa

I was living in Reno with a couple of girlfriends while attending UNR. On our daily travels to and from campus we came across a shortcut that made us pass by a house with cute boys and some girls. Not knowing if the girls were relatives, roommates or girlfriends, we were all too scared to just stop by and say hello.

This “shortcut,” which probably added a minute or two, became our regular route so that we could be sure to get our eye candy for the day. After about two weeks of doing this and still not knowing if the girls were girlfriends, I finally decided to write a note.

I went home and told my roommates what we were going to do. I wrote a corny note to inquire about the girls and to ask if the guys would like to hang out. I had one particular guy in mind as I had been scoping him out for two weeks.

I had my roommates drive me by the house, I jumped out and ran to the closest car in the driveway and left the note on the windshield. I had never done anything like this before let alone driven by someone’s house for weeks gawking as I passed, but I figured I had nothing to lose and maybe a date or two to gain.

Much to my surprise I received a phone call within minutes of leaving the note. I had never thought they would actually call, let alone within minutes. So, I returned the phone call the next day and was politely asked 50 questions by the guy on the other end. After clearing up the fact that we weren’t minors, we were college students and we were rather athletic girls; he invited us to his house, saying, “Since you obviously know where we live just come on by.”

Of course we primped ourselves and then headed over. Nate and I hit it off from the very moment he opened the front door. I was so excited to learn that the girls were just roommates and, better yet, the guy I liked was available!

The guys took us to lunch, and seven years later Nate is still my best friend. We have been happily married for almost three years.

When people ask how we met Nate always replies that I stalked him, but he is so glad that I did! The moral of this story is that life is too short to wait around for Mr. Right … sometimes you just have to go get him, even if it involves a little harmless stalking.

Tonya Champa