Lunchtime thief takes off with belongings |

Lunchtime thief takes off with belongings

Staff reports

MINDEN — The Douglas County Sherff’s Office is looking for a white male in his 20s suspected of numerous thefts of property from business offices while employees were at lunch.

Sgt. Lance Modispacher said victims reported purses, wallets, money, checkbooks and credit cards were missing. The thefts occurred in the Minden and Gardnerville downtown areas.

Modispacher said the suspect has short hair and a tongue piercing.

He advised business owners to lock their offices when employees go to lunch, to take valuables with them or lock them in a filing cabinet. Modispacher said to watch for suspicious persons who do not appear to have business in the office area.

He said to call 782-9911 for assistance or to report suspicious persons.


To report suspicious persons or call for assistance, call the sheriff’s office at 782-9900.