Lyon burners must have permit |

Lyon burners must have permit

Karen Woodmansee
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

Although the Central Lyon County Fire District board has rejected charging a fee for burn permits, it will crack down on those burning weeds and brush without a permit.

Burn season started Saturday in Central Lyon County, and Capt. Chuck Ritter said those caught burning without permits will face a warning first, then a $100 citation by state fire marshal regulations.

“We will offer a grace period through the end of this year,” he said. “Starting Jan. 1, there will be a fine assessed for any unauthorized burning.”

They could also be billed for the cost of sending firefighters called to put out illegal burns, which could run into the hundred and perhaps thousands of dollars, he said.

“We are trying to recover some costs for having to respond to so many unlawful burning calls,” Ritter said.

The department had hoped to begin charging for burn permits to cover the cost of answering unlawful burning calls, but the district board rejected that idea.

Their rejection could kill a weed abatement program Ritter had hoped to introduce that would allow a seasonal firefighter to remove weeds from the property of seniors who could no longer do the work themselves.

But without the fees the money is not there for the weed abatement plan, he said.

Burning is limited to clean vegetation and yard debris only. The burning of household trash and treated lumber is not permitted. Burn barrels are not permitted. Only property owners with one acre or more can get a burn permit.

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