Lyon business fees could go up |

Lyon business fees could go up

Dave Frank

Lyon County could increase annual business license fees $50 to help raise additional funds county staff say are needed.

Fees would go up $50 regardless of the size of the business if county commissioners approve the increase Thursday.

Annual business licenses fees are currently $100 for businesses with one to three employees, $125 for businesses with four to 15 employees, $225 for businesses with 15 to 50 employees and $600 for business with more than 50 employees.

Business license application fees would also raise from $20 to $25 under the plan.

The increase would be a small cost for businesses but significantly help the county, said County Manager Dennis Stark.

It would give the county struggling to raises funds an additional $100,000 a year, he said.

The county had to reduce services and cut 10 jobs to close a $1 million shortfall this fiscal year.

The business license fee a few fees the county could raise, Stark said, and it hasn’t been raised in several years.

“I think it’s pretty fair,” he said.

But Kevin Hogan, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce president, said any added fees could be “detrimental” to businesses.

“While we support the Lyon County government, now is the time to give our businesses every opportunity to remain healthy,” he said. “The general economic climate is causing all businesses to tighten their belts.”

More taxes mean less employment and higher prices, he said.

New proposed fees include $2,000 for an amendment to a major planning development agreement and $1,000 for a minor amendment. The county could also add a 3 percent credit card payment fee.

The planning fees were added because of the staff time they require, said Comptroller Josh Foli. The county added the credit card fee because it is charged by its bank 3 percent to process credit card payments, he said.

“We’re just passing on that cost,” he said.

But only the $100,000 more in business license fees would be the only significant new stream of money for the county, he said. The county raised $280,000 in business license fees last fiscal year, he said.

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WHEN: 9 a.m. today

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