Lyon commissioners turn down senior request for more money |

Lyon commissioners turn down senior request for more money

Nancy Dallas

YERINGTON – Yerington seniors will have to wait awhile before their request for additional count financial assistance will be considered.

Lyon County commissioners on Thursday denied a request for an increase in funding from the Yerington Senior Center Board and told members to return during the upcoming budget process.

Commissioner David Fulstone said “They should ask for this during budget hearings, with the proper information.”

Commissioners also asked the senior center to provide an audit of their finances.

“If we are going to put more money in, we would like to see where it is being spent. I would like to see an audit,” Commissioner LeRoy Goodman said.

Senior Center Board President Ken Thompson said the additional money would be used to pay for utilities.

“We are asking for approximately $7,500 to pay for the utilities this year. We need this so we can give our employees a cost of living increase. They have not had one for three years,” Thompson said.

The Yerington center employs eight people. It receives $32,400 a year from the county in quarterly payments.

By choice, the Yerington Senior Center runs independently from the other Lyon County senior centers. Dayton, Silver Springs and Fernley operate under Silver and Gold Senior Services Programs, which is part of the county Human Services Division.

According to County Comptroller Rita Evasovic, Human Services receives $150,000 from the county for the combined operation of the senior services and the social services programs.

Evasovic said it is hard to compare the Silver and Gold program with the Yerington center because they operate differently.

“The Silver and Gold centers are open 8-10 hours a day, while the Yerington center is generally open for the lunch time only,” Evasovoc said. “The Silver and Gold centers also are involved a variety of additional senior programs.”

Site managers for all four sites receive approximately the same salary of $22,300 a year; however, the Silver and Gold program is monitored full-time by the Human Services director and a Senior Services Division manager.

Asked by commissioners if Yerington had thought of entering the Silver and Gold Program, Thompson said “We like to keep our independence and answer to our own board of directors.”

Thompson said he would return with the request and an audit during budget workshops in March.