Lyon County begins process to dissolve Silver Springs GID |

Lyon County begins process to dissolve Silver Springs GID

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Citing board dysfunction as well was the fact that no manager has been hired at the Silver Springs General Improvement District, the Lyon County commissioners voted 3-2 to begin the process to dissolve the GID board and install themselves as ex-officio GID members.

“I’ve been talking with a number of people,” said Commissioner Larry McPherson. “By doing this it will resolve the problems of the past and prevent problems in the future.”

McPherson, commissioners Bob Milz and Don Tibbals voted in favor of beginning the process to dissolve the GID board. Commissioners LeRoy Goodman and Phyllis Hunewill were opposed.

District Attorney Robert Auer said that passage of this item only means that they would present an ordinance to dissolve the GID board. Two readings of that ordinance are required since the GID board was originally created with an ordinance.

The county will vote on an ordinance at an unspecified upcoming meeting.

Letters and speakers presented arguments to the commissioners on both sides of the issue.

Former GID board member Robin Harina and her husband, Don, made passionate pleas to leave the GID board as it is.

Don Harina compared the commissioners and the GID to parents and their children.

“If you have children that don’t get along, you tell them to go work it out,” he said. “What would happen if you just stepped aside and told the GID to work things out among themselves?”

Yet others, including current board members and those who founded the GID, implored the county to take corrective action.

Current board members Bob Wells, in a letter, and Kay Bennett, in person, supported dissolving the current GID board. Board members Bob Freeman, Chrystie Barbee and Trudy Kolsch were not at the meeting and did not send letters.

Former board member Bill Holler quoted the state board code of ethics and said current board members Kay Bennett and Bob Wells “will not get along with the rest of the board.”

“They signed this,” he said. “They didn’t get what they wanted so they’re out to attack everybody on the board.”

Virginia Johnson of Silver Springs asked the commissioners to dissolve and become the board, and let Lyon County Utilities take over control of the sewage treatment plant.

She said, “We wanted home rule but found out home rule is not functioning as well as it should, if at all. We lack the maturity in Silver Springs to properly run our own affairs.”

However, Lyon County Utilities Director Mike Workman said he didn’t have the staff to handle the issue right now.

Virginia Johnson said we are long past time for people to start acting as adults. She asked that the silent majority of people be considered.

Don Allen blamed politics for the fact that the water company and the GID never got together, and said he would do whatever was necessary to help if the GID board was dissolved.

He said at the time the sewer system was put in place the county contracted with the water company and they did run things.

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