Lyon County, CAHI reach undisclosed agreement |

Lyon County, CAHI reach undisclosed agreement

Staff report

Lyon County and Citizens for Affordable Homes Inc. have reached an agreement regarding the group’s model home office, but neither side will say what that agreement involves.

The county had given the group until the end of the month to move its office at 100 Pine Cone Road, located in a residential neighborhood, and the two sides had a closed-door meeting Friday to work out a compromise.

Requests for a zone change by the group for the office had been turned down by the county in 2005 and 2006. The county said it had given the group more than enough time to move its office.

The group is helping low-income families build houses near that office.

CAHI, however, said its office should be allowed because it is a sales and construction office and does not violate zoning ordinances.

Ron Trunk, executive director of CAHI, and Board of Directors Chairman Eldon Harrell declined to comment.

County commissioner Bob Milz said, “The issue is resolved. We don’t wish to have this in the press. This is an issue that needs to be resolved and we resolved it.”

“It came to a good conclusion,” he said, “and that’s all I can tell you.”

Interim County Manager Bob Hadfield said he is waiting to say more until he finds out some more information next week.

“Everything will be worked out fine with the ordinances of the county,” he said.