Lyon County commissioners to consider pay hike |

Lyon County commissioners to consider pay hike

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Lyon County commissioners could vote themselves a 4 percent pay increase this year.

That would raise their salaries from $22,797 to $23,709. Commissioners also receive health and retirement benefits.

The Nevada Legislature approved a bill this past session authorizing county commissioners to increase their salaries in amounts comparable to other locally elected officials.

Steve Englert, Lyon County Human Resources director, said Senate Bill 516 allows county commissioners to raise their own pay 4 percent a year for the next four years.

They could vote themselves the full 4 percent, a lesser amount or no raise, but they can’t increase their pay more than 4 percent.

“The commissioners are the only ones who have to vote on their raise,” Englert said. “The other elected officials, sheriff, district attorney, clerk-treasurer, recorder and assessor, get theirs from the Legislature.”

He said the last pay increase the commissioners approved for themselves was in July 2003, when they voted themselves a 26.65 percent increase. Their salary at the time was $18,000, and the increase brought it up to today’s $22,797.

“That was a big increase, but now 4 percent is the max per year,” he said.

Englert said despite tough budget choices that were made last May, the financing is in place to support the increases.

He said with five commissioners, the increase in the budget would be $4,560 in salary and $1,400 in benefits, or about $6,000 more than was paid last fiscal year.

“Before this they didn’t have the option to give themselves a raise, because they gave themselves a raise four years ago.” he said.

He said the commissioners are paid considerably less than other elected officials because their jobs are part time.

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