Lyon County fixes sample ballot question error |

Lyon County fixes sample ballot question error

Lyon County officials say a printing error on Dayton-area sample ballots has been fixed and the missing page is in the mail.

Clerk Nikki Bryan said there was a printing error in the sample ballots. A page was left out which contained the explanation for a Dayton-Mound House ballot question.

“We’ve put a supplement containing the page in the mail to correct the problem,” she said.

She said it shouldn’t be a major problem for most people because the full text and explanations of all the questions were printed four times in county newspapers.

“If that’s the worst thing that happens, we’ve got it whipped,” she said.

At the same time, Secretary of State Dean Heller issued a statement objecting to comments by Nye County Clerk Sam Merlino that the printer tape on Nevada’s electronic voting machines “merely serves as a back-up.”

Heller has been touting the printer as enabling voters to verify that the electronic machine actually records their entire ballot accurately. The vote, however, is actually counted from the electronic recording unit in the back of the machine.

“I am personally shocked to hear such a statement from someone who is responsible for establishing the highest degree of voter confidence possible,” said Heller.

He said the printer is designed to do that and not to serve just as a back-up.

However, clerks throughout the state have repeatedly pointed out the paper printer does provide them with an additional back-up to make sure each voting machine is working properly.

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