Lyon County to pay for drainage study |

Lyon County to pay for drainage study

By Karen Woodmansee

Appeal Staff Writer

Lyon County will pay for a study to see if a Dayton homeowner who diverted drainage around his home caused damage to other homes.

County Commissioners Phyllis Hunewill and LeRoy Goodman both said the county bore some responsibility for the problem. The county in 1999 gave Dick Kordonowy a certificate of occupancy for this Schaad Lane home that he built in a drainage area, then Charles Swanson, former Public Works director, requested he restore the drainage flow in a 2002 letter.

“They OK’d the house to be built in the drainage area,” Hunewill said. “Then he was told to do something about it and he did.”

The problem is that Kordonowy fixed the problem by creating a diversion around his home and neighbors are now concerned runoff could impact their properties.

County Manager Dennis Stark told the commissioners at last week’s meeting that he offered Kordonowy that the county could pay half the cost of a $2,000 study to determine how to fix the problem, but Kordonowy’s position was he shouldn’t be responsible for any of the study’s cost.

A previous study done by a nearby resident indicated the drainage flow was 23 cubic feet per second during periods of precipitation on the property.

The unresolved issues has led to a hold on Kordonowy’s title, placed by county officials who want the issue resolved. Kordonowy now plans to sell the home.

Commissioner Bob Milz opposed the county paying the whole $2,000, saying that Kordonowy caused the problem when he chose to build on a drainage course.

“What we do will set a precedent,” he said. “It is the taxpayers that have to pay.”

Kordonowy pledged to accept responsibility for any repairs the study indicates is required.

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