Lyon to consider turning TV translators over to private firms |

Lyon to consider turning TV translators over to private firms

Kirk Caraway
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

Proposals from private companies to take over television translators in Lyon County may not solve local viewers’ problems with the coming digital conversion taking place early next year.

Today, Lyon County Commissioners will consider a proposal by Highlands Wireless Inc. to take over two of the over-the-air translator sites the county has decided to shut down due to the high cost of coverting them to digital.

But Highlands Wireless, which already operates cell phone and wireless Internet transmitting equipment at these sites and has worked with the county to maintain their translators, has no plans to convert the equipment to digital, and will shut them down after the Feb. 17 national switchover.

“Unless the county wants to invest in it,” said owner John Schmoker. “But they don’t have the money.”

Schmoker said that the county approached him about taking over the sites since they no longer want to operate them. He also questioned how many people actually watch television from these translators.

“They have been off the air for up to a month at a time and no one noticed because everyone is on satellite or cable,” he said.

The county also received an email inquiry from Chris Kidd of Eastern Sierra Broadcasting about acquiring the licenses and facilities for two channels serving the Dayton area. No further details of the offer were available.

The meeting is today at 9 a.m. at the Lyon County Administrative Complex, 27 South Main Street, in Yerington.

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