Make us proud, Class of 2012 |

Make us proud, Class of 2012

SILVER DOLLAR: To local high school graduates for getting through this critical phase of your education, which better prepares you for higher education, the military, vocational training, or whatever other path you’ve chosen. With your diploma in hand, you just bettered your lot in life. Build on that momentum!

WOODEN NICKEL: To Facebook, Euro-traders and short-sellers for contributing to an awful month for the stock market. In fact, it was perhaps the worst month in two years.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Dale Erquiaga, who has announced his departure as senior policy adviser to Gov. Brian Sandoval. Erquiaga is a smart, genial, get-things-done professional who embodies the best in public servants. We wish him the best as he leaves Nevada for Arizona.

SILVER DOLLAR: To developers and homebuilders for managing the incremental recovery in the housing market by not going hog-wild with new construction just yet. Matching supply with demand is key to avoiding another bubble.

WOODEN NICKEL: To John Edwards, who dodged several bullets this week but who still richly deserves to read his own political obituary.