Man arrested on warrant for parole violation by sexually violent predator |

Man arrested on warrant for parole violation by sexually violent predator

Brian Sandford

A 48-year-old transient was arrested in the 2400 block of Michael Drive on a warrant for a felony parole violation by a sexually violent predator, as well as six misdemeanor counts.

According to the arrest report:

A Special Enforcement Team deputy saw a Chevrolet SUV enter Carson Street at 6:50 p.m. from an auto dealership in the 2500 block of North Carson Street and thought that was unusual, given that the dealership appeared to be closed. He followed the vehicle and learned that its registration was suspended.

He tried to pull the driver over north of Winnie Lane and Carson Street, and it didn’t stop. The driver, Robert Lee Lyons Jr., eventually pulled over in a pharmacy parking lot and appeared extremely nervous. When asked his name, he replied, “Robert … no, wait. Christopher.” The deputy tried to open the driver’s-side door, but it wouldn’t open. Lyons then exited via the passenger-side door and fled northbound, kicking off his sandals and running through the snow and ice.

The deputy followed him through parking lots, and other units arrived to set up a perimeter. Footprints indicated that Lyons had hopped a fence and entered a backyard on Michael Drive. Lyons had broken another fence in a yard nearby, and he was detained by another deputy and a sergeant.

Lyons had suffered small lacerations to his hands and face during the chase. A records check revealed that he had the felony warrant.

Lyons also was arrested on two violation-of-a-suspended-sentence warrants, as well as on suspicion of failing to stop when signaled by police, suspended license, suspended registration and obstructing a police officer. No bail was set on the felony warrant.