Man displays patriotism proudly on his front door |

Man displays patriotism proudly on his front door

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Rick Gunn/Nevada Appeal Bob McFadden's U.S. Army uniform jacket hangs from the front door of the McFadden's house Thursday to commemorate Veteran's Day.

Carson City businessman Bob McFadden displayed his patriotism and service to his country this Veterans Day.

On the door of his Mountain Street home, he hung his U.S. Army uniform next to the American flag.

“I really thought it was neat,” he said. “People could drive by and know I served in the Army.”

He brought the uniform back inside Friday, but plans to hang it out again next year, to commemorate his service from 1970 to 1972.

And he may not be alone.

“It looks pretty cool,” he said. “I could start a trend.”

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Life came to a sickening standstill Friday at 1 p.m. as a group gathered around one of the office televisions and waited for the live audio verdict from the popular soap opera called “The Scott Peterson Show.”


Four hours after the announcement, the TV was muted, but still showing pictures of Laci Peterson.

Of course, the verdict is by no means the end of the thing. There will be an appeal. The thing will go on for years – at least until the ratings slip. It’s the ultimate reality show.

The next trial will simply be like watching the next season.

Roll the credits, please.

Of course, “The Scott Peterson Show” demolished “The War in Iraq” in terms of ratings this season.

More people can probably tell you the tidal conditions and exact location of where the bodies washed up than can find Fallujah on a map.

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Gene Glasscock, a 69-year-old horse enthusiast, is visiting every capital in the lower 48 states on horseback. During the 20,000-mile journey, he will be riding two gentled wild horses, Tosi and Buddy.

However, his cause is completely non-equine related. He is riding to gain support for The Philips Fund, which provides scholarships to low-income young adults in Paraguay to attend college in Florida.

Glassock is a member of the Long Riders Guild and in the 1980s traveled horseback from the Arctic Circle to the equator.

He’s supposed to arrive in Carson City by Thanksgiving.

To know more about him or his trip, go to

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It’s getting close to tax season again. Those who aren’t overwhelmed with their own returns, may consider helping out others

Volunteers are needed to give four hours per week for 12 weeks as AARP tax aides. Volunteers receive comprehensive training in the preparation of tax returns. The classes are held in December and January and participants are asked to volunteer four hours per week between Feb. 1 and April 15.

Last year Nevada volunteers helped more than 16,000 mid- and low-income clients with their federal returns at more than 50 AARP tax aide sites.

For information or to volunteer call Gil Yanuck, 841-3675.

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As the joyous Christmas holiday nears, so does that lump of coal known as credit card debt. If you need to divert your Web-weary fingers from eBay try freeBay instead, otherwise known as It’s motto: Changing the world one gift at a time.

Visitors must first sign up in their geographic area, Carson City, for example. After you’re accepted to the e-community you’ll then post whatever it is you want, or what you want to give away.

According to the Web site: Everything posted must be free. Whether it’s a chair, a fax machine, piano, or an old door to be given away, it can be posted on the network. It’s up to the giver to set up a pickup time for passing on the treasure.

There’s just one small problem with this Web site. As soon as you sign into an e-community you’ll get an e-mail anytime someone posts a request. Hope your inbox has a lot of memory. But maybe that’s worth the $40 you might otherwise spend on a pair of crutches, or to get rid of that 10-year-old fruitcake from Aunt Ethel.