Man jailed in attack on cat |

Man jailed in attack on cat

F.T. Norton

A Carson City man remained jailed Tuesday after he allegedly dumped bathroom cleaner on his roommate’s cat.

Christopher Henderson, 25, was booked into the Carson City Jail at 7:50 p.m. Saturday on suspicion of gross misdemeanor attempting to poison an animal.

According to the arrest report, Henderson had been evicted by his roommate from an apartment on Edmonds Drive.

When the roommate heard her cat meow she looked inside and saw the animal covered in bathroom cleaner.

“The cat was attempting to clean itself by licking the chemical off, but its attempts were unsuccessful,” Deputy Thomas McDonald wrote in the arrest report.

McDonald said Henderson was “unresponsive. Chris’ eyes were dilated, his speech slow, but not slurred and he appeared to be staring off into nothingness.”

When asked by the deputy why he covered the cat in the chemical, Henderson first responded that “he thought it would be fun,” the report states.

When asked again, Henderson allegedly said he was worried about a bug in the couch, and he thought the cat was going to kill him with its rear claw.

The cat’s owner, who was crying when talking with the deputy, rinsed the animal off and it appeared to be fine.

Henderson denied using any drugs that day, but said a month ago he’d used marijuana and ecstasy, McDonald wrote in the report.

Henderson’s bail was set at $2,500.