Man jailed with heroin, BB gun to confront dealer |

Man jailed with heroin, BB gun to confront dealer

F.T. Norton

A Carson City man was jailed Friday after he allegedly went to confront a heroin dealer about a bunk deal, and instead found the police there.

James Howard Kepler Jr., 26, a golf pro, was arrested at 12:24 a.m. on College Parkway on suspicion of felony possession of heroin, misdemeanor obstructing and resisting arrest. According to the arrest report, officers went to an apartment on College Parkway to arrest Rico Wiggins, 22, for allegedly absconding from parole. After successfully arresting Wiggins, a witness reported seeing Kepler walk up the stairs, spot the police, and quickly turn to leave.

An officer located Kepler as he walked away from the apartment.

According to the report, Kepler repeatedly kept trying to reach into his pants’ pocket and when the officer went in to handcuff him, he fought with them and was tased.

In his pocket they allegedly found balloons of heroin, and in his waist band a handgun later determined to be a BB gun.

“James stated he bought the BB gun to scare Rico Wiggins … because he felt Rico ripped him off,” Deputy Sam Hatley wrote in the report.

Hatley said Kepler felt Wiggins shorted him on the amount and grade of heroin he sold him earlier in the day,

Kepler’s bail was set at $3,479.