Man pleads in ‘touch therapy’ assaults |

Man pleads in ‘touch therapy’ assaults

by F.T. Norton

A Carson City man pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault Tuesday in connection with the molestation of two women during “touch therapy” massages.

Edmund Jakopchek, 50, entered guilty pleas to the two counts of attempted sexual assault before Carson City District Court Judge Jim Wilson.

“Are you pleading guilty because you are guilty?” asked Wilson.

“Yes, sir,” said Jakopchek.

In exchange for the pleas, charges of sexual assault will be dismissed against Jakopchek and the District Attorney’s Office will ask for a concurrent four to 10 years on each count.

Ultimately, the judge will determine Jakopchek’s punishment when he is sentenced July 28. He faces from two to 20 years in prison. Probation is not an option.

Wilson also informed Jakopchek that he will be subjected to lifetime supervision as a sex offender.

According to court records, Jakopchek claimed to practice Chi Nei Tsang, a Chinese touch therapy that focuses on the stomach.

During the course of massages in January and February, Jakopchek molested two of his clients – one at her home and another in a room adjacent to a local coffee shop, a criminal complaint charges.

Amanda Burton, general manager of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in Oakland where Jakopchek was once a student, said the healing organ massage never involves genitalia.