Man sought for peeking at girls in bathroom |

Man sought for peeking at girls in bathroom

by F.T. Norton

A man seen peeking over stalls at Fremont Elementary ran from the school when he was spotted by two fifth-grade girls who went into the bathroom, police said Monday.

The girls told police they were in the bathroom about 11:10 a.m. when they saw the man looking over the top of a stall at them, said Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Humphrey.

When the man realized he had been spotted, he ran out of the school through a southwest door, the deputy said.

The girls went to tell their teacher, who then looked out the window and saw the suspect jumping into a truck parked in the bus drop-off parking lot.

Humphrey said the man was described as being in his early 20s, with short, brown wavy hair, wearing a white sweater and blue pants. One of the girls reported the man had a scar running the length of his right index finger.

The teacher said the man drove off in a newer-model white, extended-cab pickup truck with “Dodge” printed in black on the tailgate.

“Nothing was said between the children ,and the suspect. There was no physical contact; he did not touch them,” Humphrey said.

He said the Nevada Highway Patrol was given the man’s description, and fliers were sent to Carson City schools to be on the lookout for him.

“Obviously, this guy was in there for no good,” Humphrey said.

He said possible charges could include loitering, disturbance of school and annoying a minor.

Anyone with any information they believe may be relevant may call Humphrey at 887-2020 extension 5269.

“Our main goal is to keep everybody safe,” he said.

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