Man with gun causes lockdown at high school |

Man with gun causes lockdown at high school

by F.T. Norton

A man returning from target practice with a rifle on his shoulder Tuesday prompted a 10-minute lockdown at Carson High School.

Under Sheriff Steve Albertsen said a resident on Robinson Street reported he witnessed two men get out of a car, one of them carrying a rifle, and walk toward the high school, before losing sight of them.

Officers searched the area and went to the high school, where a lockdown was ordered and deputies searched the property.

Using the license plate, police located the owner at his home in the 1500 block of Robinson Street. He said he had been out target shooting and was walking to his apartment after parking his car a short distance away.

“They were out target practicing and he carried the gun from the car to the apartment to put it away,” said Albertsen. “He had to park down the street because all the school kids park on Robinson now.”

In January, the parks and sheriff’s departments made parking at Mills Park off-limits to students. Since then, side streets near the high school have become crowded with student parking.

Albertsen said the two men did nothing illegal and no citations were issued. But the duo was offered some advice.

“We told them next time to pull in the driveway, unload your stuff, then park the car,” said Albertsen. “They agreed. They understood that people get excited, especially when someone’s walking toward the school.”