Marano inundated but pleased as CM |

Marano inundated but pleased as CM

John Barrette

City Manager Nick Marano is nosing around and up to his ears in the community already, but says he knows he has taken on a handful and a mouthful initially at the helm in Carson City.

“I’ve enjoyed my first day on the job, although I feel a bit like I’m trying to drink out of a fire hose right now,” he said after his initial day neared its end well past City Hall closing time.

Marano, who began Monday, showed up for a citizens’ committee meeting Tuesday morning as well, and will learn more on the city government meeting front Thursday at the first Board of Supervisors session. He monitored the city’s Utility Financial Oversight Committee session on Tuesday, only introducing himself at the end.

The regular Thursday board meeting has an agenda mainly filled with routine items, but there will be plenty there to tack onto the former Marine Corps colonel’s learning curve. So far, what he has learned pleases him.

“I’m very happy with the professionalism and the dedication to the community of the people I’ve met so far,” he said. “I look forward to getting to know everyone who makes our city government work, and to hear what local residents think.”

Marano moved from southern California to take the top Carson City government executive post after being hired in early May in a unanimous decision by the Board of Supervisors. He bested four other finalists, including two locals and two others with Nevada experience.

He was a management consultant, but before that for his final Marine posting he served as commander at the Camp Pendleton community near San Diego, which was more populous than is Carson City. Marano, though, likes what he sees here.

“This is an awesome place to live,” he said, adding it’s his pleasure to join the community.