Medical pot shop taking over Dream Dinners space in Carson City |

Medical pot shop taking over Dream Dinners space in Carson City

Dream Dinners is closing at the end of the month and its next door neighbor, RISE medical marijuana dispensary, plans to take over the vacated space.

Dream Dinners, a meal preparation franchise with 85 locations nationwide, was originally opened in Carson City in 2006 and Bonnie Betts, a customer at the time, purchased the business in 2011.

Now, Betts’ franchise license, which lasts 10 years, is up for renewal.

“To renew is a substantial financial investment. There’s the fee, a full remodel of the store, new floors, new logo, new paint,” said Betts.

Betts also holds the Redding, Calif., Dream Dinners franchise and plans to continue to operate that.

In the meantime, customers should continue to come to the store on Clearview Drive for their scheduled meal preparation through the end of the month, Betts said.

Customers can also call the store at 841-3663 or email at to find out about options going forward, said Betts.

Tyler Brennan, general manager, RISE, said the pot dispensary plans to expand into the adjacent 1,400 square foot storefront in June, doubling its space.

Brennan said RISE is seeing seven new patients a day on average and is outgrowing its shop.

Plus, the dispensary plans to apply to sell recreational marijuana as well, starting as early as July 1.

“We’re expecting a 40 to 50 percent increase in business,” he said.