Meet Your Merchant: Bouncing for joy |

Meet Your Merchant: Bouncing for joy

Shannon Litz/Nevada Appeal

Jeff and Nikki Haag were looking for a business that would cater to their lifestyle of raising three children in Carson City.

A couple summers ago, the Haags stopped by Bouncerz, a local business that provides inflatable bounce houses. It just so happened to be for sale.

The family took over the business and reopened it in January 2010.

“It all just came together,” Jeff Haag, 36, said.

The business is simple: Provide families a place to come and have fun together.

“There’s just nothing in town for kids to do,” he said. “We felt like this was a great opportunity for us to start our own business. Have something fun for our kids to do and the rest of the kids in the community.”

People can rent their bounce houses or come play on inflatable playgrounds inside their Research Way business. The Haags also provide space for private parties, anything from quinceaneras to end-of-the-season parties for sports teams.

“Just really any party that you want to have for kids,” Haag said. “Field trips for daycares and pre-schools in town. Anything that has to do with kids and families, we want you to come to Bouncerz.”

Jeff Haag said their business has become something of a small event center – they’ve even hosted events for 200 people. They set up tables and chairs plus a couple bounce houses in the back for the children.

“It’s really a multi-use facility,” he said.

Nikki Haag, 41, was born and raised in Carson City. Once she had her third child, Kendal, 2, she and her husband started looking for a new business.

“We wanted to be kid oriented,” Jeff said.

And while the economy has been a challenge, Nikki said it made it easier for them to secure a nicer facility at a lower cost.

“It helped us get a facility larger than we would have been able to have gotten,” she said.

Jeff said he hopes the business will continue to grow.

“The inflatable business itself, to an extent, it’s an emerging market from a new business perspective,” he said. “You would be shocked at what they make in inflatables.”

That includes inflatable dodgeball and basketball courts to football fields.

“I would love to be able to have some type of organized league sport that’s geared more toward the fun side than the competitive side,” he said.

In the meantime, they like to see parents playing with their children.

“The kids have a lot more fun if the parents get in there with them,” Nikki Haag said. “They think that’s great.”

Adds Jeff, “It really is a family atmosphere.”