Meet Your Merchant: Xogenous remote hosting offers security, cost savings |

Meet Your Merchant: Xogenous remote hosting offers security, cost savings

Sandi Hoover

By Sandi Hoover

Some people call it cloud hosting, but at Xogenous, they simply call it remote hosting.

“We’ve got a big physical hard drive, memory and everything you need,” said Xogenous consultant and company spokesman Jim LeStrange.

Sometimes companies will need a new server, or a startup company is facing $5,000-$10,000 for computer needs, he said.

“We can knock out all that cost, and your system will never go down, because we have backups to backups, and if one goes down, there’s another and another,” LeStrange said.

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Xogenous, which opened in Carson City about eight months ago, also boasts a high-tech security system, cameras, a way to detect moisture and an unlimited power supply, he said.

When Obamacare kicks in, LeStrange said, professional medical practicioners will need to transfer their patients’ medical history to electronic format, which could cost up to $40,000, but remote hosting can cut that cost drastically.

“This is all the way of the future, but the future is today,” he said. “This can cut an existing company’s IT budget by 50 percent, and it frees up their IT guys to write programs or whatever else the company needs.”

Setup fees for basic service can run from $99-$350, and monthly fees can be anywhere from $79-$400, he said.

“We can take the headaches and the pain away, and high costs can go away,” he said.

According to the company’s website, their mission statement is “to provide data center hosting services for physicians, attorneys, accountants and other organizations who demand high-availability access to their mission-critical data and applications.”

“Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on their computer systems. They are expensive to purchase, difficult to maintain and require a considerable up-front capital investment,” said company owner Ron Husey.

“Xogenous is able to reduce the typical business’ IT budget anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent while offering services well beyond what a business might otherwise be able to afford. And, businesses pay only for what they need, when they need it. Issues of electricity, air conditioning, dedicated space, reliability, security and hiring specialized staff are no longer a concern.”

LeStrange said the service means, among other things, improved performance for company computers, instant software updates, unlimited storage capacity, automatic backups, round-the-clock availability, easy expansion and increased data reliability.

“For most companies, the cost of startup is the big thing that kills them, and for a lot of businesses out there that need new equipment, we have it all and they can rent ours,” LeStrange said.