Men accused in ‘drug deal gone bad’ |

Men accused in ‘drug deal gone bad’

Staff Reports

Bail was set at more than $100,000 each for two men accused of roughing up a pregnant woman in what she said was “a drug deal gone bad.”

Michael Interrante, 34, of Gardnerville, was held on $160,260 bail; Jeffrey Reynolds, 35, of Gardnerville, was held on $110,000 bail.

The men were arrested Oct. 18 and both were charged with robbery for allegedly taking the victim’s backpack and purse.

When deputies arrived at Lucky Discount Liquor at 10:30 p.m., the alleged victim was crying and holding her side. She told officers that the two suspects tried to force her in their car, but she got away and they fled.

As officers were questioning the woman, the pair returned with a third man, but fled when they saw authorities.

Six additional officers arrived for the high-risk traffic stop and the fleeing car was stopped at Toler and Highway 395.

The three were ordered out of their vehicle at gunpoint and complied. The third suspect was released when the woman said he wasn’t involved in the original incident.

Deputies found a hypodermic in Interrante’s pocket and several electronic items in the vehicle which may be tied to recent burglaries.

The woman told deputies it was her job to deliver the electronic goods she said were provided by the suspects to a methamphetamine supplier in Carson City.

She said the suspects accused her of taking a missing global positioning system.

She said she was repeatedly shoved up against the suspects’ car causing bruising to her right side. She also had red marks on both arms.

Interrante and Reynolds are to appear in East Fork Justice Court today.