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Merchant Monday

Kirk Caraway

Photography has changed drastically over the past few years, and G. Robison

Photography has changed with it.

After spending six years in the Carson Mall, Gary Robison moved his business

to a newly refurbished building at the corner of Fairview and Roop, where

he’s been open since Oct. 1.

“Moving over here took us in a whole new direction,” Robison said. “Since I

became a fully digital studio, what I had set up over there wasn’t conducive

to what I wanted to be. So I had the opportunity, since this was a new

space, to design it any way I wanted it to be.”

His new studio features a camera room with a high-tech background

projection system. Using slides picturing scenic vistas, Robison

can easily put his subjects in front of the background that fits them best.

The images he shoots are instantly displayed on a monitor, so he and his

subjects can see the results and make adjustments.

Next to the camera room is his presentation room, where clients can relax on

a couch and see their photos projected on the wall for


“I’ve got everything but the popcorn, and that’s coming,” Robison said of

the theater experience he is trying to create. “I use it mostly for high

school seniors. If you go out for an hour and a half, you’ve got a couple of

hundred exposures, it’s kind of hard to lay them out on a table.”

The new space also allows Robison to offer his customers custom framing,

which he didn’t have room for in his previous location.

One of the things Robison cites for his success has been keeping a balance

between portraiture, business photography and weddings.

“I’m pretty equally divided among those three areas, which I think is unique

about this studio,” Robison said.

That balance is reflected by the studio’s three separate websites, each

focusing on those three areas.

What: G. Robison Photography

WHERE: 1851 S. Roop St., Suite 145

TELEPHONE: 775-888-9272

INTERNET:; http://www.awesome; http://www.digitalbusi