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Message Board of Hope

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

The outpouring of support has been tremendous, so much so that it created some challenges getting this message board updated. The new postings follow.

name: Marcie Smith

message: I graduated from Carson High. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. If anyone can help me get in touch with my brother, David Maire, please email me at


name: Marcie (Maire) Smith

message: I have been trying to locate my little brother; it’s been 5 or 6 years since I had contact with him. If anyone knows of his whereabouts or how I can reach David, PLEASE email me. His name is David R. Maire. I am quite desperate at this point…I saw this message board and made a spur of the moment decision to appeal to you for your help – I truly don’t know where else to turn.

Many thanks for the opportunity, and may you all stay strong as a community and rebuild better than before! I have been following the news on the Waterfall Fire, and my thoughts are with you.

Marcie Smith

Bremerton, WA


name: Lorna Doerr

message: Hello,

We would love to donate the following items:

Large Man’s clothing: (waist 36-44), long/short sleeve button-down shirts, shorts, etc.

Boy’s clothing: newborn – 2T



Picture frames


E-mail or call, please. I’d be happy to deliver it to Carson City.



name: Marilyn Cunard

message: Looking for Kent Cartwright. Please email your location and phone no.





name: Oregon Wildland Firefirghter’s Mom

message: We are sitting here in Oregon waiting on “Standby,” as are many of our contract crews who have not been called to aid in fire supression. All we can offer are our Prayers and good wishes to you folks who are involved in this nightmare.


name: Therese

message: My husband and I want to help, we can take in a couple of dogs or cats until owners can recoup them. In addition, we can run errands and have extra female clothing sizes 12-18, if you need business clothing to get started again. 775-883-3610 ask for Therese.


name: Michele Sue Glaser

message: I want to know how close this fire is to Las Vegas. I have an Aunt & Uncle who live there and want to be sure that they are in a safe area.

That this fire is not a threat to their home.


name: Jodi

message: I am saying prayers…


name: BigD

message: I’m afraid I can’t offer much as far as physical assistance goes being in southern CA. However, I can offer prayer for all of you and have been doing just that since wednesday, when I heard about the fire. I have a brother with a new wife in the Timbline area.

Also, …If I may say so, I saw a message on this board by a couple of kids by the names of Jenna and Jordan. You sound like great people. That took a lot of courage to do what you did. Offering to give up your own teddy bear or dolly to someone else so they will feel comfortable is a very brave thing to do.

The Good Lord will reward you for your brave courage when you least expect it. :O) May God Bless all of you facing this vicious monster. …I will be praying for you.


name: James Leinberger

message: I want to help in any way I can.

I can help with food, clothes and can board animals. 775-577-4805


name: Sandi Johnson

message: This message is for Dulce Sutterfield in Seattle. You did not leave an email address so I am posting this message here. I have contacted your parents and they have recently returned to their home. Very nice people, and I have memories as a child watching them in the parades with their dog. I spoke you your father and he has advised me that he is doing well. They have only been back in their home for a few hours and I advised them if they need anything at all, all they need to do is let me know. If you email me your address I will update you on what I know.



name: Nancy Wood

message: Would appreciate any word regarding whereabouts and safety of Mark and Lynne Carter of Timberline area.

Nancy Wood

LaConner, WA


name: Jeremy Block

message: Hi my name is Jeremy Block i am from the Reno area and i am in the process of moving and want to get rid of toys clothes and other stuff that i think could be of help to those victims of the waterfall fire a would also love to help any other ways and i am great with animals. call me (775)324-1832


name: Tonja Brown

message: First off we would like to express our sympathy to all of the families who have lost their homes.

At the same time I would like to say what a fantastic job our firefighters have done. If not for these heroe’s there would have many, many, more homes lost. Way to go firefighters!

Our family would like to offer our help. If you are in need of storing any of your cars or Motorhomes let us know.

In the meantime, I am looking for Rachael Rasner and her family. My daughter was just informed that there home was one of those that burned down. If there is anything the we can do for you and your parents, please call us day or night. 882-2744


name: Steve King

message: This is probably not helpfull, because I don’t live in Nevada. I live in California, in Pine Grove which is on Hy 88 past Kirkwood. Since I’m rural and understand, my heart goes out to each and every one of you. I have 5 acres, two of them fenced. I have goats on the property now, but can offer this:

1) Horse or other livestock. Fenced with a covered barn stall.

2) Dog’s (2 lg. or 3 small) Enclosed dog area (40 x 75) with a house and lots of shade.

3) Cats, in my home with my cats.

I cannot transport livestock but my property is available. If you need to have a place to keep your pets/horses/livestock (again small numbers) they will be well cared for and you won’t have to worry about them and will be able to concentrate on what you need to take care of. Sorry I can’t offer more. All of you are in my prayers. You can e-mail me at “”

Steve King


name: Paula

message: Our church is looking for an audiocassette duplicator that duplicates multiple cassettes simultaneously at high speed. We prefer a used one in good working condition. Please call Rev. Larry at Unity Church of Today in Minden at 782-4429. Thank you!


name: Linda Beveridge

message: If you need free child care during this time I am here. I am a busdriver, with cpr-first aid and am cleared by FBI. I am a driver with Lyon County, just callme and I’ll be glad to watch your child while you get your business or errands done during this horrible time. 246-3498. I am in Dayton.


name: Mary Jo Brunette

message: I lived in Carson City for many years & now reside in Minnesota, but my heart is aching for all of my old neighbors and their loses. I would be willing to send clothing, womens or mens, various sizes, if needed, or I could gather together children’s clothing, you name a size and I will do my best to get you what you need, toys, etc, don’t be afraid to ask and I will send whatever I can to help. God bless you all. 651-463-8539


name: Larry Wood

message: If in need please call we have space available for campers, RV’S whateven needs to be stored. We are on south side of town if u need to get out of the smoke don’t hesitae! Larry and Margaret Wood



name: richard peden

message: i am a 22 year old carson city resident and i have lived here the past ten years. I am motivated and willing to help my friends, family, and most importantly my community. i can do whatever is needed manpower wise. im not afraid to get dirty and i await a new challenge on a daily basis. if there is anything i can do please contact me as soon as possible. I have several friends and family memebers who feel the same way and are ready at a moments notice to help in any way we can. It is great to see the community come together like this in our time of need. its just a shame that it took a disaster of this magnitude to make people appreciate our great city and what it means to its residents. Thank you to everyone who has helped. And especially thank you to the brave firefighters still working now, to salvage what they can of a once revered monument and its surrounding wilderness.


name: Pat and Lynn Finnigan

message: Is there someplace in Reno where we can take household items we’d like to donate for fire victims?



name: wdole

message: It’s real heart breaking to see what you all are going thru!

We have family who live in your area. I would like to help out anyway I can, however I live on the east coast:(

The last week of July, we will be taking a vaction back to Carson City to see our family. Is there a donation center in Carson…where I could help?

Please Take care!

Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you!


Dover, De


name: John

message: I’m from New Jersy, My grandson is visiting his Dad in Carson City, (New Ridge Drive) He’s o.k., but I was alittle concerned. Once back in 1953 I helped fight a forrest fire while stationed at Beale A.F.B. (Yes, I’m old) Great how you people help each other.

God Bless


name: Tracy

message: Can help with transport of domestic animals (cats and dogs). Can dogsit if needed.

Have 2 jeep vehicles and plenty of animal carriers. Willing to help haul just about anything.


name: kelly

message: I have boys infant clothes 0 – 12 months and girls clothes size 7 – 8.I also have baby exersaucer and baby blankets,a few board games for anyone who needs to keep the kids entertained while you are waiting for word on your homes.I also have a safe home in Carson City for anyone that needs a babysitter for a few hours while working or to check on your home. (775) 883-2082 kelly


name: Anita

message: I have some clothes that would fit a size 24 woman (very good condition), and I have a variety of HOSPITAL SCRUBS for a size 24-26 sized person (they are unisex, size 3X) if a medical person was burned out.

Send an email and I’ll hook up with you.


name: Greg Lake

message: status of my family residing at 2850 airport road space 10


name: Jeanne Paquin

message: I represent Thrivent Carson City Financial Community Outreach, we are inquiring as where our help could be used? Food for the fireman, other important personnel or other areas. Please contact us ASAP We are holding an emergency meeting Friday 7pm to put together ideas and helps


name: Gavin Black

message: If they need more bodies on the fire line. I am a certified firefighter. I have 3 years volunteer experience and a year seasonal. I am not currently affliated with a volunteer group at this time.


name: RenÈe Flamm

message: I have female clothing for junior sizes 1 and 3.


name: Melinda Artz

message: I am too far away to offer anything but compassion for the town that raised me. As it happens, my son Ty has been fighting this fire in those hills I loved so well. May the hills be green again and families restored to homes and comfort.



name: Jerry Allred

message: I want to help in any way I can.

I can help with food, clothes and

myself if needed.


name: Karri

message: My husband and I can offer room for horses and other livestock. We are located in Stagecoach. Please email if we can help.


name: Jeannie Hadlock & Linda Johnson

message: We are trying to contact Mark & Lynn Carter. We understand their home burned at Timberline.and we would like to help and give assistance if they need it. Doug & Nanelle are also concerned and trying to contact them. Please have them contact us at: 883-4173

Thank you.


name: jenna and jordan

message: i we are 6 and 3 years old and we are offering some of our teddy bears and dolls to those little kids that lost thiers.

if you are intersted please call our mommy.


thank you


name: Bob Davis

message: I am willing to assist those in need of help to clean up in the Kings Canyon area. I live close by and am not afraid of a little hard work.

Bob Davis 888-9886


name: RJ

message: Having watched this fire burn for 2 days make me sick to my stomach to think about all those people who have been affected by it.

I want to do something to help. What can I do to help? I have already brought my jeep load of cold gatorade and water for the firefighters. I heard that there is an over-abundance of generously donated food at shelters already. I live in Gardnerville. My teenage son and I can help with “man power” — delivering things, moving supplies, moving people….anything else that might help?

Can I do something for our local fire station and firefighters in Minden who are also fighting this fire? What kind of things/supplies would help them?


name: Tami Hansen

message: I have boxes of nice slightly used clothes for a little girl. Sizes 0-3 months all the way up to 2T. If anyone is in need of little girl clothes please let me know.


name: Sandi Johnson

message: Hello: My name is Sandi and my husband is a fire station manager in the Carson City District working up on the line.

We have a fensed acre with storage available for vehicles, trailers etc. Also since I am just sitting hear worring, I am available to help where ever it is needed. All you need to do is let me know. call. I have lived here all my life and I thought I Knew how wonderful this community was, but it still amazes me what great people do call this home..


name: Christy Dock

message: I am located in Fallon.

I have a place to keep horses. Have a large run pen. If horses need to be hauled I can help.

775 423-1737


name: Sheree Reeves

message: I am available this weekend to help walk animals, clean cages, feed, etc. My son Clint can help with large animals, is a volunteer with Kids & Horses.


name: Nicole Wegener

message: I have some business clothes size 1-3 (female)

Some bedding, dishes, etc….. thanks for making this available.


name: Tessa and Tammy

message: We are curently accepting donations in the lake tahoe area.

We will be bringing them to the red cross almost daily. We are accepting any things the victims of this fire cane use to keep hope. We are located in the incline village market in the lower leval. the buisness name in heavenly decadence. to call the number is 775-831-1145


name: Elaine

message: I have a children’s nebulizer at home if someone needs it.


name: christie Fernquest

message: I have room for 8 Horses and some extra clothing for (Mens, Womens and small boys)

call 775-246-4009


name: Mary Hopkins

message: My husband and I can provide temporary housing for one cat. I have pet carrier for transportation.

If any need for pet care at the elementary school is needed we can also volunteer. (walking, feeding, cleaning cages, etc.)


name: Dulce Setterfield

message: My parents are elderly (86 & 79) and evacuated Lakeview home with dog & cat. Request: a friendly call from someone local to lighten their spirits, please. Don’t know if they have immediate needs. Home # in case they returned to Lakeview is 775-882-6807. Otherwise, try the local Days Inn. Ask for Robert & Marian Setterfield. Some people may know my Dad. He rode motorcycle with dog in Nevada Days Parade for many years and plays sax in Tahoe Dance Band. I am sure he and my mom will help lighten others’ spirits as they get over the immediate impact to their own property. So it would be good if they are in the loop with local communication network. Thank you from Dulce Setterfield in Seattle.


name: Don Quilici

message: It’s 1:30 p.m. on Friday.

Some firemen from Fallon have arrived at the Staging area of Carson High School and they are requesting any kind of a canopy where they can get out of the sunshine until they are needed.

The individual who has made the request is Gary Bushboom “Boomer” and his cell phone no. is (775) 427-6763.

Many thanks if you can help out.



name: Theresa Kenneston

message: I can donate pet food or gift certificates to PetSmart for food for sheltered animals.


name: DENISE



name: Donna and Mala Chizek

message: We would love to help in any way we can…we have miscellaneous household items we could donate, clothes, coats, etc we can donatea truck and Uhaul trailer we can move things with, can make monetary donation, lots of tools to help build/fix things. Let us know.


name: Alexia Storey

message: I can have a small amount of children in my home on S Richmond ave. If parents need daycare to go to thier homes or for any other reason. Call me at 841-9070