Meth-dealing couple |

Meth-dealing couple

Rex Bovee

A Carson City husband and wife, arrested in July after they sold methamphetamine to a confidential informant, jeopardized their shot at staying out of prison when a probation officer found suspected drugs in their home last week.

Curtis Parrish, 28, had received probation Sept. 27 after pleading guilty of possession of a controlled substance for purposes of sale.

Two days later, a probation officer visited the home, suspected that Parrish was high and told him that the home would be searched. Parrish then told his wife, Christina, 28, where to find a purple plastic box containing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia and she gave it to the probation officer. He was taken back to jail.

Monday, Christina Parrish was up for her sentencing after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance for purposes of sale, stemming from the same arrest. Curtis Parrish was back in court for a probation revocation hearing. The probation officer told District Judge Michael Griffin about last week’s visit to their home.

Curtis’ hearing was over quickly. He admitted violating his probation conditions by using a controlled substance and violating the rules of law and conduct. Griffin revoked his probation and sent him to prison to serve 15-38 months.

When it was Christina’s turn, Griffin noted that the presentencing report from Parole and Probation said she did not want to enter an inpatient treatment program.

“The problem for your client is that she hasn’t completed a probationary period (successfully ) yet,” Griffin told Christina’s attorney, Kay Ellen Armstrong. “She doesn’t want an inpatient program. Outpatient programs aren’t effective for her. So she can’t do probation.”

Armstrong said she had discussed the same problem with Christina and that the defendant had agreed to enter an inpatient program for chemical dependency.

“Come back next week and show me that she’s been enrolled in a program,” Griffin said. “If she doesn’t, she’s going to prison.”