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Mired truck has Bureau stymied, residents wondering

by Susie Vasquez, Appeal Staff Writer

Rick Gunn photoA sports utility vehicle stis lodged on rocks Friday afternoon above the 'S' marking the stewart Indian colony.

A high school student mired his sport utility vehicle on “S hill” near Carson City’s southeastern residential district Tuesday. It’s still there.

And it might be there awhile.

No roads lead into the area, which is Bureau of Land Management recreational land. No one, including bureau officials, know exactly how to get it out.

“The boy came in, said he was stuck up there and didn’t know what to do,” said bureau spokesman Terry Knight. “We normally give people seven days to get a vehicle out, but this one is really stuck. He can’t go forward or backward. It’s very ugly, but we’re very aware of the problem and we’re trying to get the vehicle out as soon as possible.”

Knight said officials are considering a winch, situated at the top of the hill, to pull the pickup truck-like vehicle out, but there are no set plans. Private vehicles are prohibited in that area.

“The southern third of the Prison Hill Recreation Area is open to motor vehicles, but the vehicle is stuck on the northern two-thirds, reserved exclusively for hiking and biking,” Knight said. “I think he went through the open area and into the closed. The closed area is signed and posted. There isn’t even an old road and I would like to see a citation issued.”

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Bureau officials didn’t release the name of the juvenile until the matter is resolved.