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Misfits take on murder mystery

Special to the Nevada Appeal
Courtesy Kay Thornburg/Misfits Theater Group

The Misfits Theater Group of Dayton takes on a comedy production with a murder mystery thrown in just for fun in “Murder Most Fouled Up.”

“This performance is a little bit of a different genre than our usual melodrama,” said Kay Thornburg. “It is a modern day comedy with plenty of hilarious antics to keep you rolling in your seats, with a little bit of murder mystery thrown in just for fun.”

“Murder Most Fouled Up,” by Nikki Harmon, is being performed by the Misfits through special arrangements with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Ill.

The year is 1971 in autumn. The play takes place in the study of the Randolph Estate, complete with secret panels, ghosts popping in and out, and a raven who quotes Edgar Allen Poe.

As lawyer Sylvia Mead, played by Gail Gundersen, finishes reading Edwin Randolph’s will to the assemblage of greedy relatives and servants, the treasure hunt begins. Several generations of Randolphs have hidden millions of dollars within the house, and the family has been murdering each other over it ever since.

Andra Woolman directs “Murder Most Foul,” and also plays the ghost of Cece Randolph.

Other actors include Jason Woolman as Sanders the butler; Carol Bauer as Mrs. Jessel the housekeeper; Steve Whiteside as Jason Randolph; Mary Wilson as Barbara Randolph; Misty Simola as Kya Randolph; John Peters as the ghost of Ridgley Randolph; and Sue Whiteside as the ghost of Judith Randolph.

Performances will be at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and Oct. 27-28 in the Odeon Hall, 65 Pike St., Old Town Dayton. Tickets are $10.

For advanced reservations, call Carol at (775) 246-9622.