Mitchell a suspect in a New York killing |

Mitchell a suspect in a New York killing

by F.T. Norton
Appeal Staff Writer

What the jury that convicted David Mitchell didn’t hear was that he is also a suspect in an unsolved murder in New York.

After the sentencing, former Carson City Sheriff’s Sgt. Ed Heddy said he’d been given the cold case of Sheila Harris’ murder in 1985.

It was during his investigation that he learned of Mitchell’s sordid past and his prison sentence for three rapes.

Heddy also stumbled upon another cold case involving the Feb. 17, 1967, murder of a Brooklyn woman named Rosalin Greenwood.

Mitchell was the 81st Precinct’s prime suspect in Greenwood’s unsolved murder.

She had been raped, stabbed 11 times, strangled with electrical cord and left dead in her apartment.

Mitchell was the last person to be seen with the girl and investigators found blood on his tennis shoes. Scientific testing 30 year ago could only determine the blood to be human, but they could never identify it as Greenwood’s.

A New York grand jury failed to indict Mitchell in Greenwood’s murder based on the blood.

Heddy tried in 1985 to get New York to reopen that case thinking it could help with the Harris murder, but Brooklyn investigators told him the evidence had been destroyed.

“I’m going to write the 81st Precinct and give them the news reports that show Mitchell was convicted and sentenced,” he said. “They can put it in their Greenwood file.”