Mitten tree out to give cold needy Carsonites a hand |

Mitten tree out to give cold needy Carsonites a hand

Kurt Hildebrand

Girl Scout Troop 464 is putting up a mitten tree in the Carson City Library so people can donate warm clothes to the needy.

Cathleen Mital said the tree will be in the youth department of the library until Dec. 19, when mittens, caps and scarfs are taken down and distributed.

This is the second year in a row the mitten tree has gone up at the library.

Troop 464 is made up of about 15 girls in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

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Lynn Winters of Christmas in Carson pointed out that art students will win prize money for their work, not the program. The top poster will win the student $100, second prize is $75 and third prize is $50. Profits from the sale of the commemorative poster will go to the High School art program.

“We want everyone to know where the money goes so we can – hopefully – sell all the posters,” Lynn said. “We only plan to make 100 copies of the poster this year.”

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A year after Rosie the Rottweiler was found and nursed back to health, she is taking her new lease on life and headed for Las Vegas.

Rosie made headlines when she and her pups were found in Mound House. Rosie had been chained to an abandoned motor home and her puppies were scattered around her.

She found a new home in Reno with a woman named Barbara, who is headed to surgical nurse’s school in Vegas.

Rosie’s success was a team effort with kudos going to Kathi Unruh, who found her; Tom and Lee Blömquist, who took her in, and all the people who contributed to her cause.

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A very tired Sheriff Kenny Furlong was being grilled Thursday night by Carson City’s press corps, consisting of our own F.T. Norton and Sheila Gardner of the Gazette-Journal.

The sheriff said he’d had three hours of sleep since Bertha Anguiano’s son was found at the Smith’s in Dayton on Monday morning.

Hopefully, developments in the case will help all of us sleep better.

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Former Appeal columnist Teri Harber made me give her two weeks to get out of town before I put her in my column.

“I’m not comfortable with this stuff,” she said, as she was moving to Kingman, Ariz., where she is the news editor for the Kingman Daily Miner.

I interviewed for the job at the Daily Miner on my way out of college in 1988, but ended up taking a job in Ridgecrest instead.

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Judy Harris dropped me a line. I featured her and several other Dayton folks working on the other side of Dayton State Park last year this time.

Judy is an irrepressible volunteer and is working with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program in Dayton. She says the RSVP folks will have a table at the Dayton High School Christmas Fair on Nov. 22 and 23. Judy is offering her booth space to anyone 55 and over who wants to sell crafts, as long as they are willing to donate a fifth of the profits to the program.

Anyone interested should contact Judy at 246-4902.

Kurt Hildebrand is city editor at the Nevada Appeal. Reach him at or 881-1215.

Kurt Hildebrand 11/14/03 Brad taking mitten tree photo Saturday morning.