Mom gives purpose to cross-country trek |

Mom gives purpose to cross-country trek

Heidi Fields

A Wyoming woman hopes hiking across America will help focus attention on child abuse.

Les Thiele said she plans to arrive in Washington, D.C., by mid-September. She started her journey in San Francisco and is scheduled to walk through Carson City this week.

“I see child abuse as a hereditary disease. It’s something we can cure. We are the cure,” Thiele said Monday as she walked through South Lake Tahoe.

Thiele is traveling parts of the trip with her daughter Thiele Robinson, 24, and her two sons, Paul Robinson, 19 and Thos Robinson, 22.

Coordinating the trip is Shawn Champion of Outward Bound. She is also driving a Winnebago Thiele rented for seven months, which follows Thiele and meets her at the end of each day.

“I want to be able to walk all the way across,” Thiele said, who also has a bicycle as a second mode of transportation.

Thiele is walking to promote better parenting skills and ensure a better future for our children.

“Children are our fellow citizens, not our possessions,” Thiele said.

She wants people to realize that there are changes to be made and that they are able to make the decision to end child abuse.

“We think of abused children as coming from lower-income families, but children living in middle- and upper-income families suffer the same disease,” she said.

Upon arrival in Washington, D.C., Thiele hopes to walk in with followers who share the same dream.

“I’m going to see the president, the candidates and anyone who will listen,” she said.

Thiele wants to send out the message that if there is a child being abused they should tell someone and keep telling them because something can be done to stop it.

Thiele has a Web site at, where Thiele and her family started a foundation with the purpose to promote education.